The new trends of physical training are one of the most important source of job for the Sport Sciences professionals. One of this trends is the Boot Camp. This work has the goal of develop one systematic planification model for impart this training system with effectiveness and safety. For this goal, in this work, we research about the Boot Camp´s scientific base, showing articles about the effects, protocols and applications of the training system used in the Boot Camp: the HIIT system (High Intensity Interval Training) and we propose the contents to use in all the phases of the planification in function of the physical condition of customers. Furthermore, we analyze the possibilities to set up a business in the city of Cáceres with this training system.


  • Boot Camp lets us make an easy to follow planification to work with our customers with effectiveness and safety.
  • With Boot Camp we can work in our customers a high number of physical capacities: strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity, it is a total training system.
  • The HIIT, so the Boot Camp, has been shown to be effective in terms of weight and fat loss, a goal that a big amount of people want to achieve.
  • Boot Camp, uses a lot of innovative equipment so the training sessions are more varied and interesting so the motivation of our customers is high.
  • There are a lot of exercises to do in Boot Camp training system, of different difficulty, this give us the opportunity to adapt the sessions in function of our customers physical condition.
  • We can set up a business with this training system with a bit money investment, in this city we have wonderful parks to impart this training system.

Author: Enrique Rodríguez Arribas

Twitter: @kikedxt

Dissertation, Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity, University of Extremadura. Year 2014.

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