For us, having the correct the nutrition and a balanced diet are very important for your health and fitness that both need to work together to achieve that goal. The 24hourbalance team of professionals are committed to guarantee that your goals will be achieved if you follow both nutrition and training.

Think about the right nutrition in a different way, without counting calories, teaching how to make the right decision and the better option in living a balanced diet which you will persist in time.

Like we said in other occasions, we do not like to use the phrase “strict diet”, but we are referring to “balanced diet”. For our time doing a strict diet is a short term following, you start and then finish there is no consistency as you cannot be on a strict diet for your whole life. The body itself will fall back to have their cravings, but with a balanced diet it never ends, with our help we will adjust or tailor the plan to suit your habits and this can be followed for a long time or even for life.


Through the assessment and questions to the patient we will find out:

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) or the number of calories needed to maintain the basic functions of the body.

The number of grams for the different macronutrients.

Meal preparation.

Juices recipe.

Support on nutrition supplements (if necessary).

Support of cravings and how to substitute them.

Our professionals are qualified to help you to plan your goal setting in a simple way and easy to achieve. Remember that a good food plan need to be followed by a good training programme so you can achieve quicker goals. Together will create an action plan to take you to that healthy living journey.

Our nutrition services also offer online or text message support, we will do the travelling for you to assess and consult your nutrition programme at your home. Our professionals will guide and advise you which comes included in every personal training package.