Our professional trainers are specialist in finding alternative places to train our clients and as beneficial as the gym to prepare you a good training session.

Train during your lunch break
With a hectic job, family commitments… it’s difficult to find time to exercise. Our professional trainers will come to your work before you start, during your lunch or after you finish your shift, will come at any time you wish to make sure you get your training session.

Train Outside/Outdoors
A lot of people prefer to train outside to feel the fresh air, they feel more motivated with a change from the gym. For which ever reason, will perform the session as good as we would in the gym, we can train you at your garden, local park and in other green areas. Will assess all the opportunities that surrounds you. MAP.

Time management
Save yourself from going to the gym. Will come to you. Whichever goal you have, you can still achieve without going to the gym.

No Complications
Let us do the thinking for you, in 24hourbalance will offer you practical solutions and will service your sessions via mobile. Will provide and bring the equipment to you such as: TRX, gloves, boxing gloves, skipping row, resistant bands, ankle weights, dumbbells, mats, and massage bed.
All the equipment will create a good session to our standard and will be prepared based on your goals and challenge you too.