We will explain in detail the benefits to train with one of our coaches to reach the balance and lifestyle you must complete on an everyday basis. A trainer is an investment for the long term that will help you achieve your goals. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to be fit, you must be capable to run 10k, climb a mountain or change your physique to look good and feel healthy. Will leave you in the hand of one of our professional coaches that will guide you on the right path to achieve your short terms goals and plan for the long term. That’s why our team will be disciplined and will concentrate on helping you achieve your personal best, in a safe and efficient way.

Our trainers will come to you; you don’t have to travel to any centres because we will do the travelling for you. We can arrange to come to your home, also come to your workplace or even meet at the local park. We offer the flexibility and commitment to which ever time suits you, we do not have an opening or closing time.

We do not believe in a trainer that shouts, puts you in discomfort, pushes you till you cannot catch your breath or humiliates you in front of other gym goers. Our Trainers are professional and have good manners, they have excellent social skills and they adapt to any client in their own way in training because every trainer has their own training style. We’ve had very good feedback from their sessions.

Our professionals share their knowledge to the clients and they guarantee to give you results as long as you put the work in. They will educate you about exercises, how to perform with the correct technique to avoid injury, offer alternative training to adjust which ever objective you may come across and go through the quantity and the intensity of each session. They will help choose the right balance in how fuel yourself in terms of nutrition. Our professionals have different ideas that they can share with their clients along the way of their fitness journey guide them in the right direction.

Without a doubt, when you’re in the workplace, you have a project or assignment to do and your supervisor or boss is overlooking your progress is more likely you will have it done in time. It’s the same in the health and fitness industry, even if it’s a training session or you’re on a strict diet we will make sure will be right next to you, to support you to achieve that assignment or project. You will totally have the same treatment that you would in the workplace it’s getting the job done, and that’s why we’re there to motivate you. You will be able to contact the trainer at any time, ask him questions and give you advice. Our team are responsible in a professional way to motivate you to achieve your goals.

No need to worry about planning or programing your training routine, our trainers will do it for you, they create tailored programmes that can adjust to your goals or objectives. This way we can make your fitness journey a lot more smoother and easier to follow. Our trainers will set up the programmes with the correct volume and intensity which they recommend for achieving your goals, giving you challenges that you will enjoy along the way. They will make sure with all programmes that you understand all the exercises and how to perform them in a safe way.

We all know we have two sides to choose from, one side will be pizza and the other side will be chicken salad but our trainers will make sure they give you the right information on how to plan your meals, how to cut down your cravings and how to maintain a balanced diet.
They will educate you on how to eat healthy and how to have a balanced diet which is key for a healthy lifestyle. Obviously for an athlete we will have a different diet than a person who just goes out for walks down the park, that’s why our team can adjust the diet in depending the type of client we have.

It’s extremely important to perform exercises with the correct technique which will therefore avoid causing an injury. Anyone can follow a training programme, even the athletes in various occasions do ask to make sure their performing the exercises with the correct technique and making sure there is a low risk of injury. What could happen if you perform the exercise with bad technique? First of all, the programme you are following with bad technique will have a high chance in not achieving your goal, also such bad performance can lead to an injury so that will mean that the programme we are following will be a waste. Our professional trainers with study your technique on every exercise and if it’s necessary we can always find alternatives on how to perform it correctly and in safe manner.

Would you like to improve your golf swing, climb a mountain, can you last an obstacle race…? Whichever sport or hobby you do outside work our team can help your performance in providing the right exercises and stretches to condition for the sport or hobby you practice. You can progress the sport and avoid injury so you can be prepared for a match or competition.

We’re used to doing things in a determined way, yet alone having unpredicted plans. It’s time to make a lifestyle change, a healthier routine, training and keeping a balanced diet. Our professional team will guide you to a lifestyle, without diet or effort, thanking a style of life that little changes on a day by day basis could make the difference in time.

Throughout the guidelines that are there and through the time you will put in to have a efficiency in your training. More time doesn’t always mean it’s better, what matters is what you do with that time that’s what’s important. Going to the gym for an hour or going for a run for an hour could seem like the right choice and off course, the intention is good, but your intensity or exercises may not be the right ones. After trying different training regimes and having a look at the goal setting, which have been overlooked by our team, you will notice a difference in what training you had being following and how efficient our trainers are. This way your goals will be achieved quicker and you will maintain a greater stamina. We totally trust our judgement andstyle of training, with the right intensity and a varied of exercises, efficiency is method which many of our clients believe. Please read their feedback.

Following the SMART goal setting (planning for short and long term goals) that need to go across to our clients:

  • Specific: The aim is to have a realistic target as possible. For example, if you want to lose weight, your goal can be: “lose 6 kilos in the next 2 months” if you’re aiming to get in to shape and improve your fitness then your goal will be “to complete and 10km run in the next 3 months”, or you can tone up and build muscle and this can be “in losing 20% body fat in the next 6 months”
  • Measurable: Measurable goals means that you identify exactly what it is you will see, hear and feel when you reach your goal. It means to breaking your goal down into measurable elements. Your goal will be body composition, will be to determine if it was a successful goal. In the contrary, the aim to “reduce the risk in the getting sick” is not measurable, a better option will be: “reduce my cholesterol LDL by 20 points by next year”
  • Attainable: This means investigating whether the goal is acceptable to you. You consider the effort, time and other costs your goal will take against the profits and the other obligations and priorities you have in life. A goal to lose 8 kilos in 2 weeks is not realistic. In the same way if you’re a beginner in running long track races and want to finish a marathon in 2 months, most likely you will fail and injure yourself. Goals must take effort but reachable.
  • Realistic: We need to have goals inside our capabilities but also using all the available tools, such as our own motivation to get to the finish line. Your goals must be very important to you and that’s the motivation that will strive you.
  • Timely: Everyone knows that deadlines are what makes most people switch to action. Every goal with a timeline will make you push to the finish line. For example, the aim is to “lose 6 kilos in the next 2 months” you’ve already made a timeline on that goal.

The 24hourbalance team have the right characteristics for their integrity, professionalism, discipline, team work, enthusiasm, honesty and simplicity, the way that we compromise to guide and help you see results. With the support of your coach and the discipline and effort from you will reach those goals.

To sign up with one of our health & lifestyle coach is not just someone that’s going to make you sweat or says to you “don’t eat garbage”, in fact it’s a personal professional service, where our team are highly qualified and have a lot of knowledge in the industry.
In 24hourbalance we know the value of our figure and we would want our clients to give 100% to everything they purchased so they can get max results and achieve their goals, your goals are our goals, this is our motivation as a team so we can reach the finish line together taking account from our first goal setting. The team will set realistic goals in to your capabilities and plan your journey to achieve it.