Here is the introduction of a science study I carried out during my research master degree.


Personal trainers instruct, educate and motivate clients. They plan training sessions tailored to the client’s goals. They work with all types of people in sports clubs and centers, gyms, hotels and even on the client’s premises. A personal trainer charges about 20€ per hour ( (this usually depends on the place, experience and trainer standing). This profession is rapidly growing because nowadays many people are taking better care of themselves and they look for better health and quality of life. Today there are more professionals who refer patients to personal trainers due to the benefits of exercise. The criteria for education and expertise vary by location and companies usually hire trainers with higher qualifications or more experience. The difference comes with what is taught by the various schools and organizations, recognitions, and the knowledge of future trainers. In this study, the new sport professionals law is supported and therefore all those schools that provide a non-official qualification will be asked to upgrade and if not will be closed. Also a national body that regulates all qualifications will be discussed as it happens in other countries ( This is a descriptive study and the instrument is a questionnaire. It is aimed to reach a population of 100 participants.

Research Master Degree. Iniciación a la Investigación en Análisis del Entrenamiento y la Competición. MUI 2013/14. “Personal Trainer Education in Spain”. By: ALFONSO RODRÍGUEZ ACEDO

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