To obtain information about your health it is important to know where to start so we can give you (client) the right training programme. In 24hourbalance we offer this service to measure and assess so we can be sure that client and trainer have an understanding to give you the best training possible.

First step we will have a short consultation to take your personal details and your day by day routine: training, food, social life, and your rest time. We will go through your history of injuries, operations, allergies etc… also like to find out if you played any sports, like football, tennis… what’s your previous experience in the gym? At the end of this consultation we will find out what’s your goal.

Once the consultation is over we will take you through a series of tests and assessments to check your health and fitness levels. We will take your blood pressure and your resting heart rate, this will be done through our heart rate monitor, we will measurement your waist, weight, height, BMI, and your bodyfat %, your lean muscle % and your water % in your body. We will continue to assess your posture and analyse your feet, also we will put you through a physical assessment to evaluate your cardiovascular and your strength capacity, plus a flexibility test.

It consists of an easy valuation to determine if you’re healthy or there are some areas to work on so we can improve your health and make sure our team create the right programme for you. If you’re looking for just physical training we can provide different tests to evaluate your goals, such as sports specific athletes we have the capabilities to challenge you and improve your fitness to strength and power.

These results are important to do before you start the 24hourbalance journey, if you don’t measure we don’t know. We will record these results and take in to account what we’ve seen during the test, then we will goal set to a timeframe so we can fall back to previous results. This way we can see the changes and the improvements of yourself.