Our multi skills team at 24hourbalance are delighted to expand our knowledge that comes to health and lifestyle not just training and a balanced diet but other ways we can help to complete your needs. Such like physiotherapy, osteotherapy, quiomassage therapy, and psychotherapy. Each person needs to be treated as an individual, so we can help you at 24hourbalance, we will interview and assess you from the start with the right person from our team.

With our techniques from osteotherapy it’s a manual therapy and the goal is to restore mobility and use proper mechanics to all areas of the body.

Quiromassage is a form of therapy that combines techniques to access muscular, lymphatic and energetic levels. This massage can be done in a chair or on a table so we come to your work, home or anywhere you are.

With Physiotherapy, it’s based on physical treatment within exercise therapy, warm, cold, light, water, massage and electricity. Includes electric tests and manual tests to determine the capabilities to diagnose the control of the body itself. At the end of every treatment you will feel, less pain, better blood circulation, prevention, and function for body dysfunction, also will create more mobility and coordination.

We can say that osteotherapy can be related to physiotherapy, but is slightly more expanded as it targets and uses different techniques to be effective.

The Psychotherapy treatment for health and wellbeing can deal with private matters and any social dilemmas that can make your thoughts uneasy. Our aim is to help and guide you to a balanced life that’s enjoyable and provides self-satisfaction.

Our professional team will be able to travel to your home, work or anywhere so you can save money in transport and time. We also offer messaging therapy.