Today there is great uncertainty in regard to which method of strength training has more adaptations on muscle hypertrophy. One of the principal variables in this goal is the weekly training of muscle groups and their break between sessions. The main aim of this study was to determine what type of strength training has greater effects on muscle hypertrophy young healthy subjects. The study sample consisted of fourteen subjects aged 22 ± 1.93 years approximately. The present investigation has been conducted an experimental design with two groups that performed two different training programs. The main difference between the two programs, the existing break time between working of the same muscle group; one focused on muscle group split (Group A) and another routine whose premise is the work of all the muscle groups in one session with a break of 48 hours maximum (Group B); moreover, both groups worked at the same intensity and volume in their respective programs. To assess these adaptations, changes in body composition produced in each group and the increases in the contours of certain muscle groups are taken into account; Additional adaptations in maximal dynamic strength of each group through the 1RM was also assessed. After analyzing the results it has been found that training based on muscle isolation does not produce greater improvements that full body workout with regard to muscle hypertrophy and maximal strength in healthy young subjects.


Regarding to obtaining muscle mass in young subjects with an average level of strength training, the study results show no significant differences in perform workouts with more or less weekly muscle isolation, namely not differences between practice training sessions of full body or other sessions more analytic that focus on certain muscle groups to give more rest. With this, both training programs separately are valid for that purpose.
On the other hand, the two training programs are effective in increasing maximal dynamic strength in healthy and young subjects.

AUTHOR: Brais Bugarín Álvarez. Personal trainer, Physical education graduated, Sport Sciences Master Degree, Unviersity of Extremadura.

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