Here some tips to lose weight / get ripped:

1. If you just started the gym, choose full body workout or upper body / lower body gym routines, leave weider routines for professional bodybuilders. If you do full body already, just swap to weider or try a strength routine instead.

2. VARIATION is the key! Change exercises, number of sets, reps, recovery time, tempo.. so you give a new and different stimulus to your muscle. you give it a reason to grow.

3. Train hard, train intense, if you don’t give a stimulus to the muscle it won’t grow. INTENSITY is key #2. On definition (caloric deficit) you should train hard so the loss of muscle is minimum.

4. Do compound exercises where you involve as many muscles as you can so your hormones will be pleased.

5. The key to hypertrophy is INTENSITY & VARIAETY.

6. Make sure you rest properly, taking a 7 to 8 hours (min) of sleeping is a must so your muscles can recover and you’ll get results.

7. The crucial bit in here is… NUTRITION! (What you eat).

8. The main difference between a definition program and bulking up is the amount of carbohydrates / fats consumed. For instance when you are trying to lose weight / fat you should increase the amount of fats and decrease the amount of carbohydrates.

9. Make sure you take around 2grs of protein x kg of body weight (that means if you weight 70kg, you should take 140grs of protein). Go for real food and take supplements only when is needed.

10. Work out the total amount of calories you need per day regarding to your weight, age, sex and dairy activity (use Harris Benedict formula) then reduce 100 calories to set your BRM as caloric deficit.

11. Eat a full range of food (go for real food): low glycemic index carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fats, high biological value protein, vitamins and minerals. Avoid alcohol!

12. Spread out the calories and the macronutrients between the numbers of meals you have in a day. Remember that if you are having less calories you might feel hungry if you only have 3 meals per day. Have more meals with less portion of food on them.

13. The most important meals are breakfast, pre workout and post workout meals, if I have to pick 2, I’ll say pre and post workout so try and have most of your calories around these 2. Go for grilled cooking, steam, or in the oven. Not fried.

14. Take a high glycemic index carb after your workout with your portion of protein so this can be absorbed faster into your bloodstream.

15. Follow these tips and you’ll see results. If you want to go extreme (which I don’t recommend as it may not be healthy) you can avoid fruit (fructose), milk and dairy (lactose) or even try cutting water weight. Personally I think this is for professional bodybuilders.

16. Choose the right foodstuff, white fish is less caloric than blue. Sweet potatoes have more benefits than white potatoes; go for whole wheat foodstuff as it’s got more fiber. Create your own sauces: olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, lemon juice and natural nuts. Avoid sugar, table salt and sugary drinks. Drink plenty of water (you burn more calories by drinking cold water) and green tea.

17. Fat burn foodstuff: apples, oranges, pineapple, pepper, oats, beans, carrots, broccoli, milk, jalapenos, cinnamon, garlic, coffee and tea.

18. Having less calories you need might be difficult, that’s why you can reward yourself and go fot a cheat meal if you fancy once in a while. Remember “24hourbalance”).

19. Train hard, eat healthy & sleep well.

Hope you achieve your goals my friend. Be a better you (“,)


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